Monday, February 1, 2010

Tests,Colds, and Cleaning

I can’t say it’s been a busy week but it has been a full week for us. Brian and I have both survived colds; Brian had it first. The cough, as usual, remains longer then necessary for me. Brian has taken two math tests for his classes and done well on them both. Multivariable calculus, Geometry, and Differential Mathematics are the three classes Brian is in this semester. Brian likes the differential math and finds it very easy. I’ve spent my time free from work doing spring cleaning. The kitchen and one bedroom closet are all I’ve been able to tackle so far. It’s amazing what collects over the years. Now I have to decide what goes to Desert Industries thrift store and what we could sell at a yard sale.
Brian and I have our monthly meeting with the adoption support group this coming Thursday. Progress is slow but steady. I watch and wait eagerly as the reports tell me that our profile is being previewed at a good rate. It has been about a year since we finish the paperwork and were official accepted as potential parents.

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lap said...

Congratulations, Brian, on the math tests. I'm glad you have a mathematical mind and enjoy it. There are a lot of students who need that in a teacher. Aimee, it sounds like you are making good progress in cleaning closets. We cleared out one garbage bag full of trash, but so far, that's it.