Monday, January 18, 2010

2010 is Here

I'm not sure it makes any sense to post a picture of our Christmas tree when we are halfway into January but I don't have any more current pictures. It was a very lovely tree this year. Marilyn and Brian put it up and decorated it for which I was very grateful. Our Christmas and New Years were pretty low key. We spent Christmas with Brian's family in Hurricane. With the majority of his siblings and their families visiting it was quite a houseful. I had to work for New Years but Brian was able to enjoy the day/night playing games with his siblings were still visiting.
Brian is back in school again, in more ways then one. Not only has Brian survived the first week of college math classes but he has also substituted a couple of times. Brian is encouraged so far this year that his college classes will be relatively easy to keep up with. How third level calculus can seem easy is beyond me.
We have been having a great time with the Wii Fit that Brian received from his parents for Christmas. Brian is actually having a great time exercising with it. I play on it too but don't do as well as Brian at the games. I do like the yoga and strength exercises. Hopefully we will both maintain the interest and time to keep working with the Wii.

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lap said...

Pretty tree. I'm glad you write on your blog. Its nice to know how things are going.