Saturday, January 29, 2011


Brian has his own version of "game night". He has some friends that live in Cedar City that he gets together with to play games. They use to play Lord of the Rings but the little shop they played at closed down. Now they play all sorts of board games and different card games. Every so often they play a game I know so I join in. Last Saturday Hardcourt and his son Peter brought down their "slot cars". The guys had a lot of fun racing the cars around the electronic track. It was a miniature version of NASCAR. Watching cars speed around and then have a massive crash is so much fun!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

To a New Year

Now that the holidays are over and things are settling back into the usual routine, I have time to update the blog. I get to update on my fancy new mini laptop, one of my Christmas gifts this year. It is quite fast and does everything a full size laptop does but with the small disadvantage of no disc drive. No problem. Brian got it for me so that on the days that not much is happening at work I have something to entertain myself with. This makes our total computer count at three.
Brian is working on his last semester of classes to get his level III math certification. If he does one more semester (3 classes) he will have a level IV and his Bachelors degree for math. He plans on getting that degree but would like to get a full time teaching position for the new school year. We are hoping for local but Brian is willing to expand his horizons and apply just about everywhere now. I think we will try the Utah area first though.
We are still waiting for new developments on our adoption. So far we have had 783 people view our profile message but only 4 have looked at our contact information. We expanded and updated our criteria and are hoping this will bring more "hits" to our page. Brian says we will look at posting on other adoption web sites and see what other recommendation our case worker can make when the summer comes. It will be two years at that point that we have been waiting. They tell us at the agency that the more people we tell that we are trying to adopt the better chances we have.
So as you can tell, not much has changed for us. Now we have a new year and some big resolutions to accomplish.