Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The last one married

The last of Brian's siblings is married. Brian's brother Mark got married on November 22. It was a BIG wedding since the bride and the groom are from this area. Brian did all the engagment and Bridal shots for them. He also put together a really nice slide show for them with all the pictures he took. It was a pretty elaborate display. Brian got a lot of compliments on his pictures. A couple of professional photograghers even commented on how well he did. I always told Brian he was a good photographer.

Goodbye, Tommy

We had an interesting anniversy this year. We spent it in Provo saying goodbye to Tommy. He is off to Argentina for two years. It was a lot harder to say goodbye then I was expecting. I think he'll do really well as a missionary. I hope he has fun and learns alot while he away from us.
Since then we haven't been doing much. We finally got the last of the paperwork in to LDS family services for adoption. Now we have to fill out a couple of forms online and then get through a home inspection. I am pushing to get it all finished and have us on the approved and waiting list before Christmas.
Oh, we got the termites taken care of. I am putting the room back together slowly. One good thing about the termites getting in is that I may actually get the shelving in the closet that I've been bugging bothering Brian for.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


We discovered TERMITES last night! They came up through the floor and started eating some of our pictures and the bottoms of the bookcases we have in our computer room. There weren't very many and,except for the pictures, really haven't done much damage. Brian thinks we caught the infestation early enough that it won't cost much to get rid of the pests.