Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Colin is growing up

As Colin grows, so does his personality. He loves to laugh. He thinks it so funny to get zerberts. It is slowly becoming apparent that his tummy is his ticklish spot. Colin is a smart boy too. He reconigises his bottle and get very upset if it is not given to him right away after he sees it. He is learning what it means when I say "arms up" and "ready" (time to change clothes). He shuts his eyes tight and balls up his fists. We started feeding Colin solid food in small amounts but he already has likes and dislikes. He loves the vegetables, espically squash and green beans, but dosen't seem to like fruit much. He defiently dislikes rice cearel and applesauce. Colin is a good sleeper. We have a bedtime of 9 PM for him (sometimes it's earlier) and he will sleep through the night. We hear him up and moving around 7 or 8 AM but he doesn't get fussy until 9 usually. We know Colin wakes up overnight but he never cries. Sometime we hear him turn his music box on which puts him right back to sleep. Colin is begining to show interest in other things too. He will watch Brian play his online computer game and the other night was fasinated but the fish. Colin also seems to like watching "Mickey's Clubhouse" and "Jake and the Neverland Pirates". I'm glad he likes these shows and not shows like "Barney the purple dinosaur".

Corn Maze Time!

Nearly every year since we were married, Brian and I have gone to the Staheli corn maze in October. This year we took Colin. Every year more games and attractions are added. This year they had a cute little rocking horse and a pirate ship maze. They also added a section to the corn maze for kids. To get through the maze you had to hunt for the posted storybook pages of "Spookly the Square Pumpkin." It was a cute story and fun to find all the pages. We had fun getting lost in the normal corn maze too. We showed Colin all the different farm animals but it was hard to tell if he understood. He did seem intriqued by the donkey and sheep. Maybe next year Colin will be more interested in all there is to do and see at the corn maze.

An old time Halloween

This was Colin first Halloween. We found a cute tiger outfit for him and got a little felt pumpkin sack for treats. Brian and I found our outfits later and said that Colin was our ferious pet tiger. We carve the Jack-o-Latern the night before and were please with how it turned out. We have been doing simple designs since we don't have a pumpkin carving kit. After taking Colin to our ward Trunk-or-Treat we went to Hurricane were Colin got to play dress up with his cousins. It was a late night but we had fun