Monday, February 9, 2009

Still going

We made it through the day long training for adoption. Not a whole lot of new information but it did cover a couple of subjects I was worried about. It went over a subject I never even considered too. No, we still aren't approve but it's really close. We just have to make sure one of our references sends in their letter then we have our home inspection and approval. Brian reminded Brother Olsen about it again Sunday.

Nothing else happening here. There was suppose to be a Recongition night for the Activites day girls that I had to help with this week but they decieded to postpone it for a couple of weeks (and I had so much fun putting the invitation together). Brian took another math test last Thursday and is positive he got another 100%. He finds out tomorrow at class for sure. That's all for now!

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lap said...

Good to hear whats going on. I'm glad math is going well for Brian. Hope you receive that approval soon.