Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Spring has made it to St George! I am waiting eagerly for the hyacinth to bloom. I have been seeing young Robins around the house. They seem to really like the garden. I'm spending as much time as I can fixing up our little garden and making it ready for plants later in the month. I have been looking online and have seen some really pretty desert plants. Now I just have to find those at the local nursery. Hope everyone else is having a warm day:)


LC said...

What beautiful daffodils! Spring should come here soon. I want to see daffodils and be outside. Have fun planning a garden. I want a garden. I wish we could get together. I need to call you.

Belva Jean said...

I would love to have daffodils and tulips, but they are poisonous to kids (the bulbs or roots or something) so no beautiful spring flowers for me. I am hoping that the sun and warmth are here for awhile, so I can get outside and make the yard look nice and enjoy the beach. Glad you are enjoying your sping and getting your garden ready. Miss you.

lap said...

Those daffodils look lovely. we have some too. I may take themto YW tomorrow. Have a great SPRING!