Thursday, January 8, 2009

No more stubbed toes

We haven't be doing much lately but I wanted to update the blog. We just got back from our FSA (Families Supporting Adoption) meeting which was about blogging safely. With adoption profiles online now they wanted to be sure we all knew the sort of things that can be posted without worry of identity theft.
The picture is of one of the changes we made to our living room since Mom and Dad were here last summer. This is the fish tank stand we asked Brian's Dad to make us so that we didn't keep stubbing our toes on the other one. We are both really pleased with it. When the warm weather comes back, we'll finish staining it.
Not much else happening. It was a pretty normal, noisy new year for us and things are back to normal for us at work.

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lap said...

All right! Nice looking fish tank stand. I guess I haven't been looking at the blogs recently enough.