Monday, September 10, 2012

Three months old

Colin is getting so much bigger. We measured him and found out that he is now 23 inches in height. At this rate, Colin won't be in newborn clothes much longer. Colin is tracking us and knows what it means when he sees a bottle. He is getting better at sleeping longer through the night but still gets us up once or twice when he gets hungry. He is getting better at sitting up on his own now. Colin is starting to smile. I keep trying to get a picture but I'm not fast enough. We have started tummy time but Colin doesn't like so I don't leave him on his tummy for very long. He loves the outdoors and wants to see everything when we go outside. As for Brian and I things are going pretty well. We have been really busy lately though. Brian is slowly figuring out how to run a classroom. He gave the kids the first math test of the semester this past week. Some of them are doing great and are understanding the concepts but others are obviously having some problems. I have helped him grade papers a couple of times and it's interesting to see the trends. Brian also gave a Spanish quiz this past week. It was simple (one that I could do) and the kids did really well on it. Brian didn't have any one fail it. He wants to get a special computer program to help him teach Spanish. Right now he's using flashcards and photocopied book pages to teach so the program will help Brian a lot. As for me, I have been busy working and taking care of Colin. I get an extra day off work every month which I really enjoy. I am counting the days until the new year is here and I can look more at going part-time.

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lap said...

I like these pictures too. Sounds like you're all doing well