Wednesday, August 1, 2012

the weeks fly by

Its been a busy 2 weeks for us. Brian and Colin found out what days without Aimee around are like. Brian found out it's not so easy to nap when Colin is napping. Colin has had two doctors appointments. He is now almost 8 lbs. The doctor says he is doing really well. We do his 2 month immuization and will have him circumcized on Aug 8. That is not going to be a happy day for Colin. Colin got to see his first rainbow (it was a double bow) and felt a couple raindrops on his face. I didn't keep him out long. Colin is staying awake longer and eating more now. He still loves to be held. Brian and I made a special beanbag for him that helps him sleep. We get Colin to sleep the longest when Brian snuggles him really tight and we put him in his swing. We have been trying to stretch out Colin's feeding schedule to 4 hours the past two weeks. He has mananged to last 3 1/2 hours now without too much problem for the most part but 4 hours is still too long in Colin's opinion. We had a yard sale over the past week (while I was off) and made a little more room in the house with all we sold. I would have liked to get rid of more but I'm happy we get rid of what we did. Colin was out with us during the early morning before it started to get hot and was the hit of the yard sale. Brian is going through school books and working on getting paperwork done for his new job in August. He will be in charge of all the high school math classes and will be teaching some spainsh classes too. The school has no foreign lanuange and asked if Brian would teach Spainsh I along with the math he was hired for. Brian will need to take the Praxis and possibly a Arizona test to be certificed in Spanish but I don't think it will be too hard for him. He's had practice with the elementary and his Spanish is more fluent now. As for me, I look forward to the day I can work part time and be able to spend more time at home being a Mom.


Belva Jean said...

He is just too cute! I hope we get to see him before he gets too big...maybe we can meet in the middle for Thanksgiving?

lap said...

He is so cute. He has changed a lot in the time since we were there. 8 lbs is still tiny but for him, its big stuff.

Bushchicken said...

I realize my opinion means very little, but I wish I could dissuade you from getting a circ. We did it with boy #1 & #2 and now regret it; boy #3 is uncirc.