Saturday, June 9, 2012

update on our baby boy

I wish I had more pictures to post but Brian has the camera. Colin is doing terrifically. He has lost a little weight (down to 4lbs 6 oz) but that's normal for babies I am told. The doctor heard some small bowel sounds yesterday which is wonderful news. I got to hold Colin on Thursday before we had to head back to St George. Brian took a video and posted it on Facebook. It was great to hold him. He is so small and fragile you feel like you may drop him if you move to much. I loved holding Colin. Brian got to hold him yesterday. Yesterday was also the first day that Colin cried. I so wish I had been there. Brian told me that the doctors are pleased with Colin's progress. We are praying that Colin will keep amazing his doctors and nurses and be home before the 4th of July.

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lap said...

He sounds so sweet. We are glad he is progressing so well