Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Colin's third day

Colin made it through surgery today with flying colors. They took him in earlier than we expected but we got to see him beforehand. The surgeon was so nice and did a wonderful job of explaining what he would be doing during the surgery. It seemed like we had just given a kiss goodbye before the surgeon came out and said he was finished. Colin now has a designer bellybutton but we don't get to see it until Friday when all the bandages come off. The nurses all say he is the sweetest cutest little one. They have been so kind in telling us all about what to expect and what they are doing to help Colin recover. I got to help take Colin's temperature twice today. We are excited to go back and see him tomorrow.


Belva Jean said...

Glad everything went well. It's good to hear that the nurses and doctors are awesome working with him and you guys :)

lap said...

He's another miracle. We love him already.