Friday, February 10, 2012

A funeral for Brother-in-law

We spent the day at a funeral today. We didn't expect to have to a sibling widowed this soon in life but our plans our not the way life goes. It was a sad event but had some happy moments too. It was hard to watch the older boys deal with their father's death. I remember so well the shock and numbness following the lost of Robert oh so many years ago. Brian's family is so close and they care so much about each other. The comunity has really come together to help and support his sister. They have provided so much financally as well as doing whatever they can to make things easier for Terrisa. I guess there are advantages to living in a small town. Watching as Terrissa struggles with the huge change in her life and wishing there was was something I could do only makes me apprieate and love my Brian more.

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