Monday, February 13, 2012

Do you remember?

Cathleen, does this material look familiar? I finally finished making my skirt with the material we picked out back in 2002. I decided to make mine short instead of the long version that we made for you. That was a great time. The winter Olympics in Salt Lake was a once in a life time opportunity. I remember going to Abravanel Hall and up to the State Capital building to see the copy of the Constitution. I won't forget the impromptu visit with Brian Botano (I still have his autographed photo) and shopping the overcrowded mall. I have never seen the tram as full as it was that week. Park City was so much fun to see despite the very cold wet feet. The women's luge was great even though the US didn't win. Do you still have a picture of you and the Jamaican bobsled? I still have that silly monster doll we won. I loved seeing the Norwegian house there and seeing some of what Dad saw on his mission. I do wish we had more pictures of the Olympics but I had a wonderful time. I am glad I have sisters who force me to do things I would never without them around.


LC said...

that was so much fun wasn't it! I have some crummy pictures but good memories. we need to have some sister time again. perhaps nyc :) i really need some family time.

lap said...

cute skirt. Your review of the Olympics is fun to read. You two must have had a great time. I hope the three of you can have some sister time soon.

Belva Jean said...

I think you forgot to mention leaving your lunch bag and the aftermath that followed :)