Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Now for Ketchikan Alaska

We saw an interesting show while in Ketchikan Alaska. It was a lumberjack competition show. The lumberjacks showed how to throw axes, slice wood circles and chop from a spring broad stuck in the side of a tree. They also had a tree climbing competition and log rolling fight. I think Brian enjoyed the show more then me. We also went to a place that had dozens of totem poles and a native clan house. The clan house reminded me a lot of the pictures from a book I loved in grade school called "The Angry Moon". The stories the totems told were interesting and very imaginative. The area also had a bald eagle that apparently had a nest somewhere close by. We did a little shopping in Ketchikan before heading back to the boat. Ketchikan was an interesting little town because some of it's roads are so narrow that cars cannot go on them. One of their roads was actually a staircase up the side of the hill. Most of the homes are built on the side of the hill so they have staircases, so quite long, to get to them. We enjoy seeing Ketchikan.

Springboard tree cutting

Ax throwing contest

the log rolling contest that lumberjacks are famous for

Just a few of the totem poles we saw

the clan house

Aimee and a totem pole

Brian leaving the clan house

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lap said...

That is so interesting. I think I would have loved seeing Ketchikan. We wish we had a copy of the Angry Moon and it sounds like you do too. Tommy found one on-line for only $99. We look forward to seeing more pictures of your trip.