Saturday, August 27, 2011

The not so rainy Seattle

After our fantastic trip to Alaska we decided that we would play the tourist a little longer and spend some time in Seattle. I was worried it would rain the entire time but it only sprinkle one day. We saw some interesting exhibits at the Science Fiction Museum. Brian enjoyed seeing the replicas and props from Battleship Galactica. They had items from the new series as well as the old. I thought the Avatar exhibit was fun. They had all kinds of interactive displays. I really liked the light sensitive screen that let you dance with the floating flowers. We went through a children's museum as well that had all kinds of fun games and experiments to do. If the line hadn't been so long I think Brian would have tried out their fear of falling experiment. Why anyone would enjoy being dropped backwards onto a mat is beyond me. I liked the butterfly house. We tried to take a picture of a butterfly's iridescent wings but it wouldn't sit still long enough. We got to see a lot of the harbor and heard about some of Seattle history. We enjoyed going to the top of the Space Needle and seeing the harbor and city. It was fun to watch the sunset from the view deck. We learned a lot about the history (good and bad)of Seattle in a tour under its streets. Seattle is a city on top of a city. They have a unusual past. Brian really like the tours and I was impressed with how well our tour guide explained the unsavory history considering there were young children in the group. Seattle has a small aquarium where we got to see some sea otters (much bigger and furrier the river otters) and seals that seagulls kept trying to steal the fish from. The Seattle zoo was much bigger then I was expecting. We spent an entire day enjoying all the different animals and habitats. Some we had seen before but others (like the Komodo Dragon) were new animals to see. We suspect a set of ostrich eggs was a display but we're not sure. They didn't have any polar bears but the lions and elephants were active and fun to watch. We were sad to leave but were ready to go home and relax.

a day at the zoo

so many starfish

sunset in Seattle

boating extravaganza

an underground shop

The Science Fiction Museum

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lap said...

Love your smile. We're so glad you got to see Seattle. Its a wonderful city with so many adventures. Glad you were able to enjoy many of them.