Thursday, July 24, 2014

Around the World in 12 hours

Our second day at Disney was a fun day too. We choose to visit Epcot. We first flew through the air on Soaring. It was a great ride for scenery and the illusion of flying. Then we visited space. Mission space was so easy to get on - we walked right in. We started with the green adventure which was intriguing but not enough for Brian. So we walked right back in (no line) for the orange adventure. It was the same ride but the G-forces were higher. I could feel them when I was suppose to push the button for rocket separation after takeoff. We came back to earth and went through the ride that told about plants and some of the new growing methods being developed. I thought the tomato trees and the hanging watermelons were a neat idea. Brian thought the idea of sand for soil was interesting. We went under the sea for a little while and talked with Crush from Nemo and watched Nemo tell us his story. Dory was funny. It was then time for our trip around the world. We started in Norway. It wasn't what I expected after seeing all of Dad's memories but it was neat to see. I was a bit disappointed in the trolls. We were on our way to Canada when we had to make a stop to buy a rain poncho because of the downpour. Canada had a really nice film and we were please to see the gardens we so fondly remember from our brief excursion across the border a couple of years ago. We spent the longest time in England. I was thrilled to see Mary Poppins and Alice there. We had to hurry after that but made it through Mexico, France, Japan, Italy, Russian and other countries. It was getting dark by the time we got to the last country. We got to see a huge fireworks and laser show on the lake when the sun went down. We were soaked and footsore after our trip around the world but we made lots of great memories.

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lap said...

Nice pictures. We thought that part of Disney World was really interesting; we could have spent more time there but there was so much to see. I have to go back and read about your first day now--just opened this one tonight.