Friday, March 8, 2013

Starting the year 2013

The new year has brought many new experiences and lots of doctor visits. We took Colin to the doctor one night because of problems breathing and found out he had a double ear infection. The doctor gave him a breathing treatment and prescribed some antibiotics and told us if he had more problems breathing to take Colin to a breathing treatment center at the hospital. We bought a warm mist humidifier and some Vicks inhalant and took Colin home. He seemed to be getting better so we didn't worry too much. About a week later we all went to Las Vegas. Brian had a conference for school there and thought it would be fun if we joined him. Colin and I had fun wandering the Casino/Hotel while Brian learned ways to engage and interest his students in learning. He found a great book with activities for teaching math. After getting back to Saint George we took Colin to see the doctor again because his breathing was sounding bad. The doctor took once listen to his lungs and said Colin had RSV. Thank goodness it wasn't bad enough to require hospitalization. Over the next week and a half we did breathing treatment on Colin and he is now over RSV. Colin is getting very close to crawling. He can turn and pull himself on his tummy without and trouble now. He can get up on his hands and knees and rocks. Colin just needs to figure out how to move now. He tries very hard to sit up on his own and is even trying to pull himself into a standing position. Colin has learned how to hold his own bottle now. It is nice to be able to give him the bottle and not have to worry about adjusting or holding it for him. Everything, and I mean everything, Colin touches goes into his mouth. We haven't seen any teeth yet but expect some soon. Colin has a toy piano and a sit-n-spin toy that make music and he loves to play with them. He will look up and listen very intently when the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song is on TV. Colin is definitely ticklish on his sides and love to be tossed in the air. He thinks it's funny when he gets held upside down too. Aimee reads him a short story at bedtime and Colin seems to like that. We are thinking of teaching him some baby sign language.


lap said...

He is so cute. I can tell who is number one in your lives. Its good to be able to see the pictures and notice the little changes in Colin that show he is growing. The babies grow way too fast for long-distang grandmothers.

Belva Jean said...

What a sweetie! Hope you guys are feeling betters and getting a bit more "spring" in your steps :)