Thursday, October 18, 2012


Colin is growing bigger by the day. He is now in a size 2 diaper. He is laughing more and smiling for everyone. Everyone still says he is the cutest baby. Colin’s hair has gotten thinner in back but we are told that’s normal. We bought a baby bathtub for Colin and he loves it. Colin thinks its wonderful fun to splash and make bubbles. He cries when bath time is over and he has to come out and go to bed. We had a surprise visit from Aimee’s parents as they traveled back from a National Parks tour. Colin really enjoyed seeing them and they were so pleased to see him and how much he has grown. Colin’s pediatrician tells us he is a healthy boy and growing well just like he should. Colin is developing his small motor skills and can almost hold a bottle. He needs a little help adjusting his fingers around the bottle but he has the grasping part down. He has strong legs and good head control so we are debating on getting him an exercisaucer. We tried one that Brian’s parents had and Colin didn’t seem to mind it much but he wasn’t sure what he was suppose to do in it. We noticed the other night that Colin is responded more to his name. He loves going out in the stroller on walks. Colin still loves to be held, especially when he is tired. Brian and I are getting pretty good at deciphering the tired cry from the hungry cry now. There are a couple of big days coming for Colin. He gets his 4 months shots and the chance to celebrate Halloween. Colin’s going to bring in quite the candy haul with just his smile. Brian is working hard with the high schoolers. They are struggling with story problems this month. Story problems are never easy and adding algebra makes them even harder. He is having lots of fun with his Spanish class. They are going to celebrate Dia de los Muertos later this month. Brian even bought a pinata for them. Some days Brian does seem overwhelmed but he is handling being a new teacher really well. Terrisa gives him lots of help and advice. Aimee is working hard too. Work is giving her more and more responsiblities. Now she does more supervisor type work then ever before. It will be interesting to see what the next year brings. At home, Aimee spends most of the time taking care of Colin. With the weather cooling off, she looks forward to going on more walks with Colin and spending time in the garden. Aimee wants to get some quilting done and has a couple of ideas but the little one often has other ideas.


Belva Jean said...

what a cutie! I do love his smile!

lap said...

Its fun to read your blog and hear how things are going for the three of you. Colin is growing fast. He is so sweet.