Saturday, July 14, 2012

a picture a day

Things are completely upside down and backwards these days. Our nights have gotten shorter and days are definitely longer. Brian and I are slowly figuring out how to fit doing what we used to do in with the needs of Colin. Naps are a necessity these days. Having my parents around to help for a couple of days really spoiled us. Grandparents are wonderful. Colin is doing really well. We have taken him to his first doctor's appointment and learned that he is almost 7 lbs. We take a picture a day and watch Colin grow. He is getting used to baths and diaper changes but still doesn't like them much. He loves his swing and bouncer. I think mommy and daddy like them more though because we can put him in one after he eats without worrying about reflux. Colin has a special blanket now too. It so soft and just the right size to snuggle him in. We use it to put him to sleep fast. Colin's belly button is now visible. The scab fell off on Monday this week. I can't say it looks much like a belly button to me but it isn't a horrible scar. Logan and Colin will have to compare and see if their belly buttons look similar. We have taken Colin to church (sacrament meeting) once and then headed back home. He had so many people who wanted to meet him and thought he was the cutest little boy. We have also taken him to Hurricane a couple of time when we have been celebrating birthdays. It hard to not just take him everywhere and remember that we do need to limit his crowd exposure for a while longer. Brian and I are doing well. We are learning how to sleep, rest and eat in shifts. We take turns with diaper changes and feeding. I am a lot more conscious of how loud and what is on TV now days. I may need to switch back to books for my entertainment. Brian is getting lots of practice playing his computer games one handed. Neither one of us has figured out how to type one handed yet though. I am dreading going back to work next week. It's going to be hard to go and leave Brian to do things all on his own. I am working on getting things cleared out and cleaned up so that Colin actually has a room. I am pushing Brian to have a yard sale before August comes along. I don't know how much we will sell but it will be nice to get stuff we don't ever use out of our way. Brian will be starting a new job in August and he is excited but worried about it. He will be a math teacher at the school out in Colorado City Arizona. Brian's sister already works there and it is a small school so I think this is a great stepping stone for him. He is going to be a great teacher.


LC said...

He sounds like he is growing quickly now. Congrats on the job Brian.

Belva Jean said...

It's definitely a juggling game and a learning experience. Nap when he does, that will help :) Congrats on the job, Brian!