Friday, March 30, 2012

Can you believe it?!

I wrote this last Sunday after Brian and I received the news. Its been so busy trying to get together the funds and making sure all the paperwork is taken care as of well as working that I haven't had time to post it. It doesn't seem like just two weeks have past.

March 18, 2012
I didn't cry. If I hadn't been in shock I'm sure I would have. There were just too many emotions for one to feel. Brian had a hard time (very hard time) holding in his tears of joy. We were stunned to say the least at the news. After almost four years of waiting we are going to be parents! I repeated that phrase over and over yesterday.
We made a trip to Salt Lake City (Orem to be accurate) yesterday thinking that we were meeting a woman who simply wanted to know more about us to help her decide which of many families she wished to adopt her child. We meet with a lovely young woman named Tiffany. We had such a good time talking with her and sharing news about family and future plans. We learned some likes and found out about places we visited and would like to visit. It's hard to remember everything we talked about. I don't usually feel comfortable right away with people I haven't meet before but it was different this time. I liked Tiffany from the start and didn't feel awkward asking questions and talking. Brian is always so good at speaking with people but this time he seem more comfortable too. I don't know how long we sat and talked over lunch. As we were finishing lunch, Tiffany told us something that we weren't expecting, not so soon after meeting a birth mother. Tiffany told us that she had chosen us to be the adoptive parents of the little boy she is carrying. I think her case worker Jamie summed up our reaction quite well when she said that we should have a photo of our shocked but happy faces. I didn't feel like saying goodbye after that but knew we had to.
Now as the date draws nearer, Brian and I want to get to know and do as much as we can with Tiffany before she heads home. She is providing us with an experience that will and has change our lives forever.


Cynthia said...

It's nice to hear the whole story and also hear about your reactions. We are VERY happy for you and can't wait to meet your baby!

LC said...

So excited for guys!! I could tell you were exhilarated when you called. I talk to you again soon!

Belva Jean said...

We are so excited! Logan is really excited too :) He is looking forward to a new boy cousin and is hoping we can visit soon after birth :)

lap said...

I'm a little late in checking your site but am so happy with the news you shared over the phone. It was fun to read about the visit in SLC. We can't wait to see the new little one.