Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Alaska gold

Part of our trip to Skagway Alaska involved looking for gold. We had some very amazing prospectors show us how to swirl and dunk to find gold in a pan of sand. They had some very large gold nuggets for the presentation but assured us that they had removed all the large gold piece so we didn't have to worry about gold nuggets. Brian had tried gold panning before but this was my first time. I was very uncomfortable with the idea of dumping the sand into the water but was really good at swirling the pan. After I was show how to remove the sand and get the gold, I enjoyed the gold panning adventure. Brian and I added the gold flecks we found together and got a lovely pendent with real Alaska gold for a souvenir.

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lap said...

I think that would be fun. You'll have to pan for more and save up enough for a necklace. Actually the photo makes the piece you have look nice enough for a necklace.