Sunday, June 19, 2011


Alaska is quite a place to visit. We have seen all sorts of things while touring. One of the most impressive sights was in Glacier Bay of the John Hopkins glacier. It is massive (5 miles across) and still growing. The ice of the glaciers really is blue and the temperature is very very cold. I am glad we took our warmest jackets. Stay tuned for more pictures and information.


lap said...

I didn't think yould be posting until you got home, but am glad I caught this one. Wonderful picture of you two and the glacier. Looks cold.

Ronald & Marilyn said...

Aimee looks cold!
Those glaciers are amazing. I've never seen blue ice either- not even in pictures. We really like the picture of both of you in front of the glacier. Cynthia thinks you should use it in your adoption site. Peter says to look up "striped glaciers. It is very interesting. You are getting this comment because Peter taught me how to make comments. Congratulation! You get my very first comment.