Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Busy visitor

Nathan has been visiting with us for the past month. He came to help us remove some very large spiny Agave plants and look for a job. Not only has he accomplished helping us with our difficult plants but has also helped Brian's parents with getting their front yard looking better. Brian and Nathan managed to trim a hedge, worked on the sprinkler system, reseeded the lawn, trimmed some fruit trees, and weeded a small garden. He has also been helping the local landscaper for our complex with some yard work. While doing all this yard work Nathan has also sent out dozens of job applications. I think Nathan has been busier then either Brian or I for the past month.


lap said...

I'm glad its working out for Nathan. You guys are a big help to him. He's a hard worker so I'm glad he's helping you out. By the way, I like your blog picture. Cute couple.

Cynthia said...

Can you get some pictures of the work he did on Mom's house too? I would love to see it.