Sunday, March 20, 2011

The month of March

Brian and I started making a dessert for his family once a month last year. The idea, and desserts, were received so well that we decided to continue. This year however is a little different. We make not only a dessert but an entree as well. For March this year we chose to make Scallop potatoes and Key lime pie. We ended up making two different recipes for each one, one simple and one more difficult and time consuming. Not surprisingly the more difficult time consuming recipes were the favorites and disappeared first. Apparently Lion House Key Lime pie and Cheesy scallop potatoes with a dash of garlic are delicious. There were a lot of family around to enjoy the meal and dessert, more then we expected, and we enjoyed sharing.

In other news, Brian and I have just about reached the two year mark in the adoption route. Recently we learned that Hoping to Adopt is allowing profiles to be placed for free. This is a site we had be thinking about utilizing since we attended the conference last July. The news about the recent change was just the push we needed. We are excited to see what happens now.

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lap said...

I checked out your new website. It looks great. You two will be wonderful parents and be a blessing in the life of any child.