Thursday, November 25, 2010

Birthday memories

Despite the fact that I had to work on my birthday this year, I actually enjoy my day. There was a definite theme to all the gifts I was given. Brian bought me a NOOK which I really enjoy after getting to know how it works. I am having so much fun loading books on it. It is great to go through the online library, pick a book and then with the press of a key I have it in my hand. I got a number of other books and reading related material this year along with the Nook. I also was given cooking items and a cookbook strangely enough. I never thought I was much of a cook but I've discovered it is something I enjoy. I've already tried out three recipes from the cookbook and used some of the utensils I was given. Brian really liked the recipe for chicken pot pie.
After my birthday, I got another treat. I've asked Brian every year if we could go to a play at Tuachaunn or at the Cedar City Shakespearean festival. This year we went with Brian's parents and a couple of nieces to see the Broadway play "Tarzan". I have to admit I wasn't expecting much but I was surprised. The actors and sets were impressive. The gorilla people went moving through the air with the aid of an elaborate wire system. I really liked the beginning of the play because they flooded the stage. They actually opened a flood gate and let a stream in the background set overflow and soak the stage! You could see the water pouring off the stage! I was impressed to say the least. The music was just as good as I remember it from the Disney cartoon with a couple of added songs. The costuming was unique. I really wish we'd had the camera for pictures after the play but alas we left it at home. Maybe I'll get lucky next year and get to see another play.

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