Monday, July 5, 2010

Bear Lake Reunion

Our family reunion this year was a camping trip at Bear Lake. What could be more fun then pit toilets, mosquitoes, sunburns, and dutch oven cooking for 4 days? There was lots of time for games and canoeing on the lake. Brian had a great time playing games, new and old, with his brothers. There were some spectacular sunrises and sunsets to see. Naturally there was a campfire to keep warm and roast marshmallows over. The seagulls liked our campsite so we got to see plenty of them. There were also pelicans and Magpies by the lake.

Our first night

Morning at the lakeside

keeping everyone busy

Wind surfers on the Deer Lake Reservoir

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lap said...

Looks like you were in a pretty place. Everything sounds good except the mosquitoes.