Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vacation Time

We spent a fun filled few day up in the Salt Lake Area this past week. Brian is out of school until the summer semester starts and it was my week off from work so we decided to get out of St George. We had big plans to go to Lagoon but those changed with the weather. Instead we visited some of the interesting sights that we hadn't seen before. We discovered that there is a full sized functioning farm in the middle of the urban sprawl. Wheeler Historical Farm is 75 acres of farm land in the middle of Salt Lake City. Brenda and her five little ones joined us to see the farm. We saw numerous ducks, geese,sea gulls, turkeys,chickens and roosters, as well as the horses, cows, sheep and goats. There were even some baby animals to enjoy. The kids loved the rabbits and the gobbling turkeys. Julia, the youngest at just one year old, seemed captivated by the birds. The boys loved the climbing tree they found.

We also went to see the Living Planet Aquarium that opened not too long ago in Salt Lake City. It was just the two of us on this trip. The aquarium was much smaller then then others we have visited but it did have some interesting exhibits. This aquarium had a small Great Pacific Octopus. I have never seen an octopus up that close before. It was creepy fascinating to watch crawl over the glass of it's enclosure. They also had a number of penguins to watch dive in and out of the water. The giant bird eating spider made even Brian pause.

We drove home in a heavy snow storm.

We are very glad to be home and get the chance to relax from our vacation.

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lap said...

A snow storm! I'm glad you made it safely. Sounds like your trip was lots of fun. We're going to have to look for that farm in SLC