Friday, September 4, 2009

Its Here!

Our new stove has been installed! I can cook in a proper oven again and don't have to manage the stove top with one knob anymore! We went with a ceramic top and so far I really like how easy it cleans. It warms up really quickly too. I cooked Brownies (Giaradelli brand) and Tuna chip casserole the first day. It is so wonderful to be able to cook a meal all the way through without the edges being scorched:) Now we just have to fix the huge gap underneath. Turns out all drop in range models are not equal.


Belva Jean said...

got to love new stuff!

The Morris Family said...

I love the ceramic top stove! If you ever do get stuff stuck on just take a flat razor blade and carefully scratch it off....magic erasers work really good too! Have fun cooking away!

lap said...

I'm glad you have the new stove. I like the ceramic top too--much easier to keep clean. I also like brownies. What a combination.