Saturday, July 11, 2009

A relaxing Fourth of July

Our Fourth of July was pretty uneventful. So uneventful in fact that we don't even have pictures. Brian had the day off from classes and chose to spend the time in Hurricane with his family. Russell had come down from Salt Lake to visit for the holiday which meant Brian had someone to play games with and discuss strategy for the online game he is currently addicted to. I spent the day working at the hospital lab. The Emergency room was nice to us and didn't send much work our way. I actually had time to do maintenance on the six machines I'm responsible for because of the low workload. After I got off from work, Brian came back to St George and we went to watch the fireworks. Near our house is a ridge that overlooks the city called Foremaster Ridge. We thought it would be a perfect place to see the fireworks from and we were right. Everyone else in town had the same idea though so finding a place was a little tricky. One of the local radio stations played patriotic music to go with the fireworks which was really nice. The city actually set off fireworks from two places, Dixie rock and the Sunbowl. It was quite the show.

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lap said...

Sometimes relaxing 4th of Julys are the best--especially if you can spend it together.