Sunday, December 7, 2008

O Tannenbaum

Our Christmas tree is up early this year. (Well, early for us as we did wait till 1 week after Thanksgiving to put it up.) Aimee hopes to get me to write the Christmas letter early as well (that is before Christmas Eve). I received a phone call from my little niece Isabella (4 years old). She seems to have remembered that back in the summer we gave her a long yummy red a white stick and wanted to know what it was called. So let’s all remember the good things at this time of year: our friends and family where ever they may be, the spirit of giving to those around us, and most important those yummy red and white sticks.

Best of Holiday wishes.

Brian (the writer) & Aimee
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lap said...

Already you have your tree up and decorated. It looks nice. We won't put ours up for another week put we do have it cut and in a bucket in our yard.

LC said...

The trees looks nice. You are on top of things. I wish we had a tree.